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We are passionate about online shopping, we are passionate about the best brands and products in the world and we are passionate about providing great value and great service to ALL of our customers. We know we cannot make everyone happy, but it is definitely our goal to do so. The shopping scene is changing and companies like ours that have ventured into uncharted waters and saw the disparity in pricing around the world. We as a team are passionate about bringing everyone around the world the same price for the same products.

At the same time we respect the brand value created by these AWESOME companies and aim to adhere to the same standards set by them, for quality, customer service, product delivery and maintaining brand value. We therefore employ quality assurance and checking, great after sales customer support and also provide an optional full replacement warranty for all our products in the case of manufacturer defect. We also have full intention to comply with the recent changes in the Australian Consumer Law and also aim to create strong Governance standards for the online e-commerce space.

You can feel safe shopping with the Your Favourite conglomerate as we bring you the best products, with the fastest delivery times, highest level of customer support and lowest possible prices all year round!

To all of you from us at Your Favourite Sunglasses – Thanks for visiting our online sunglasses store and we wish you all the best with your online shopping!