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Authenticity and Warranty

Authenticity: All our items are 100% New and Authentic. Our products are Made in Italy and sourced from very reliable sources. We offer only authentic products and engage in quality assurance measures to ensure they are of a high quality. We maintain the highest service standards and only use verified suppliers. We check all stock before listing it on our website for sale so buyers can feel safe that their favourite sunglasses will come safely and be the REAL DEAL!


We offer a standard 12 Months Warranty (satisfying Australian Consumer Law requirements) purchased from our website, on all products found to have a manufacturing defect. If we can’t repair the item and the manufacturing defect alone is the subject of the claim, then we will replace your item. This process takes up to 6 weeks.

Optional replacement warranty:

Our optional replacement warranty can be purchased at check-out or in the case of a claim and it entitles you to an instant replacement pair of sunglasses if there is a manufacturing defect within the first 12 months of use. Our replacement warranty does not cover wear and tear, broken, lost, stolen or other inflicted damage, but even in this case, if you contact us and let us know what happened, we will be more than happy to help you out with a solution.

We want to revolutionise the way you shop and as we have confidence in our products and in our quality control procedures, we feel this is an option consumers will value.

So instead of waiting 6 weeks and paying for postage costs to and from Italy, you can purchase the optional replacement warranty either at checkout or within 12 months of purchase if you need to make a warranty claim and we will replace your product straight away with a new one.


What you get


BRAND NEW replacement piece - you can choose any piece from our store (of equivalent purchase price) and it will be sent to you straight away - no long delays or 6 week waits - you get instant replacements for all manufacturing defects.