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Product Review: The glamorous Bvlgari BV 6038B 361-13 Sunglasses

28 July 2013 No comments

Bvlgari BV 6038B 361-13

Bvlgari BV 6038B sunglasses are high quality lenses. The brand has created history with its new wave of designs. These glasses are meant to enhance the appearance of your eyes and face. You can take advantage of the great design. The frame as well as the lens is made up of high quality materials. The elegance of these glasses is further enhanced through the inclusion of Swarovski crystals in the temple areas. It is not only the functionality and the design of the glasses but also the price that you can take advantage of with the purchase of Bvlgari sunglasses. 


Bvlgari BV glasses are high quality glasses that come with the gold detailing frame. The lenses are crispy. It is very much required to use high quality lenses so that you can protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays. The packaging was done in Italy. You would love the package as well. Bvlgari BV 6038B was very much welcomed by customers. It has become a huge success. It has the most appealing features that you can get from any kind of sunglasses that are available in the market. The dark Havana frame will certainly make visual feast.

By going for high quality and time tested glasses, you can enjoy great vision. Your eyes will not be strained even if you spend in sunlight for long hours. You should clean these glasses with the cloth provided with the package. As you open the package, you should find the authentication details. You will get all the technical information and the usage guidelines. You can get an enhanced life by following the instructions and using the lenses as per the guidelines.

As the stock is readily available, you can place an online order. Glasses will be shipped immediately after the confirmation of the payment. You can go through other reviews as well so that you can find out the competitiveness of these glasses. Undoubtedly, these are great lens to entertain the audience as well.

Bvlgari sunglasses BV 6038B 361-13: Product features


Bvlgari BV sunglasses come with dark Havana and gold frame. It is fitted with brown gradient lenses.


The glasses are designed with Acetate frame. You can take advantage of high quality workmanship.  


Brown gradient lens protect your eyes. They come with gradient shade. The frame is made up of Acetate.

The size of the eye is 35. Bridge size is 1. Temple size is 120.

Branding & Authenticity

These lenses are 100% authentic. They are kept inside the Bvlgari leather case.


The package contains high quality Bvlgari BV 6038B 361 sunglasses. It also contains Bvlgari authenticity card, cleaning cloth and a leather case and a Bvlgari outer Box!

Bvlgari BV 6038B 361 glasses will greatly enhance your vision. These are stylish as well. For this reason, they are the most sought after glasses on the market. You should be enthralled with the visual appearance and workmanship. As these are quite affordable, it has captured the market in a very short period of time. 

Product Review: The super popular Burberry BE 3046 1001/87

23 July 2013 No comments

Product review:

Burberry BE 3046 1001/87 Sunglasses
Black with Bumble Bee Yellow frame and solid Grey lenses – Very stylish Sunglasses

Burberry has earned great reputation by delivering some of the finest designs in the market. The product is only manufactured after passing stringent quality measures. The high level of workmanship will provide you with a flawless pair of sunglasses. If you are aspiring for a glamorous pair of sunglasses that have an edge over other comparative sunglasses that are available in the market, you should go for the Burberry BE 3046.

Burberry BE 3046 gives you great elusiveness. Your presence is further enhanced through these designer sunglasses. You can enjoy the high quality view through the crisp lenses that are attached to the frame. The lens shape as well as color is prepared with a near perfect finish. The retail pack comes with a classy package providing you with the full designer experience. The package includes a Burberry Outer Box, Burberry carry case, cleaning cloth and the papers that proclaim the authenticity. You will get the sunglasses right from our Sydney warehouse.
Burberry BE 3046 Sunglasses Colour 1001/87 Black & Yellow

As you go for Burberry BE sunglasses, you will further enhance your style, attract more people to you and feel highly confident. You will be protected from the UV rays and your eyes will not be strained over long days out. You can work or play for long hours without subjecting your eyes to severe stressful conditions. Burberry is a leading brand that has been in the business of manufacturing a wide range of sunglasses. The brand has achieved high levels of sophistication through the latest manufacturing techniques and methods. The product is readily available. As you purchase the product through our online store, your brand new and 100% authentic sunglasses will be shipped to you from our Sydney warehouse. Burberry sunglasses are safe to use and the package comes with authenticity papers.

Burberry BE 3046 1001/87: Product Features


The frame has black color on the outside and yellow color on the inside. It has a smooth finish. The pari comes with solid shade lenses through these Burberry sunglasses. Feel comfortable and confident with these light-weight frames, that exude style and prestige, as well as keeping your eyes well-rested for long days out in the sun! The frame is made out of a very high quality material called Acetate.


The design or style of this pair is of a a shield / visor shape. This is a highly versatile shape that is extremely popular in today’s market. It is not only the style but also the performance of these sunglasses that make Burberry different from other brands available in the market.


Burberry BE 3046 1001/87 features grey solid lenses.


The eye size is 34 and the temple size is 120. The bridge size is 1.

Branding and authenticity

Burberry offers superior workmanship. You can take advantage of the high quality lenses and design which will certainly amplify your beauty. These are durable lenses and cover your eyes from a wide angle.


Burberry BE 3046 1001/87 comes with 100% authentic packaging. The package includes Burberry carry case, cleaning cloth, authenticity card and certificates.

If you would like to get protection from harmful UV rays, look extremely stylish and sexy then you should not hesitate to go after a pair of Burberry sunglasses. The brand offers high quality frames, lenses and an overall high quality workmanship.


Quality: 9.5/10 – lightweight but easily identifiable as a high quality pair of designer sunglasses. Great shape on the lenses and beautiful overall quality.
10/10 – highly versatile shape makes it perfect for long days outdoor, whether on the road, travelling or outdoor parties/barbeques.
9/10 – A simple crisp grey lens, provides powerful vision as well as strong protection from UV rays.
9/10 – highly unique frame structure that is made by a highly durable acetate material.
10/10 – Beautiful Burberry Signature pattern carry case, sturdy and classy golden outerbox and sealed cleaning cloth and authenticity papers. Doesn’t get more luxurious than this!

Burberry BE 3046 Sunglasses Colour Code - 1001/87

MYTH: People with small faces can’t wear nice sunglasses!

5 March 2013 No comments

Do you or any of your friends every find yourself saying your face is too small for sunglasses? Well fear no more – Your Favourite Sunglasses has compiled a list of pairs that look great on your cute little face.

The Ray-Ban Wayfarer RB 2140 is a great piece to start your favourite sunglasses collection with. Ray-Ban 2140The pair features beautiful quality acetate frames, great practical packaging and incredibly high quality lenses, which provide you with a crisp view and that you get from them, will help you enjoy your outdoor adventures as well as look and feel amazing.

The new Ray-Ban Erika RB 4171 has a roundish shape frame, but at the same time provides small cat like ears to the lenses. This sharpens the roundness of its actual shape and gives the wearer
greater aesthetics, bringing out their features as well as being light and durable. With a casual matte finish, the pair is a must have for old and new sunglass lovers! 

Another great piece is the Tom Ford Nikita. This diva style shape has been a huge hit among pop-stars and Hollywood A-List celebrities. Featured in tabloids worldwide, this pair is a great piece for those with a smaller face. The sharp edges also bring out personality and glamour on a daily basis.
Wear them with all your outfits; this highly versatile pair has been a hit over the years. 

That’s all for today folks! But stay tuned or drop us a comment on issues you are facing finding Your Favourite Sunglasses and we will be glad to help again!

Once you go designer!

5 February 2013 No comments

Designer sunglasses are all the rage in the fashion scene today. Celebrities wear them religiously to dress up their outfits and to exude that special personality that each unique pair brings out. Athletes take up sponsorships for all the latest innovations in lens and frame technology. With years of pop-culture behind the designer Ray-Ban aviator and wayfarer sunglasses, there is no doubt to their popularity and their longevity in the fashion scene!

Here at Your Favourite Sunglasses, we love selling your favourite designer sunglasses online at prices that will change the way you think and feel about designer sunglasses. But why would one spend their hard-earned dollars on a pair of expensive designer sunglasses? What are the fundamental reasons for this consumer choice?

Like any luxury item, the reasons are not always rational, but there is a huge benefit derived from spending that little bit extra for the big brands. Unlike other consumables, a pair of designer sunglasses travels with you everywhere you go. It makes you feel something a no-brand could never make you feel. This feeling doesn’t dissipate with time, the number of photos you take with them, nor does it lose it’s fashion charm. You carry this special pair of sunglasses every time you step out into the sun, and you wear them with pride, joy and confidence. They give you fashion credibility as well as help to dress up the most simple items of clothing.

So go browse our range, and find your favourite pair of sunglasses now! We want you to feel what we, all the celebrities and other designer sunglasses adopters feel. With our great prices, fast and reliable shipping, it’s more affordable than ever! Any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time!

The Right Shape, The Right Frame

By Jenalyn 16 November 2012 No comments

When shopping for sunglasses, choosing the right shape of frame can be very confusing.
With the many Do’s and Don’ts in fashion, the trick is always in knowing the shape and angles of
your face to know what suits you best. In picking the correct pair of sunglasses, you always have
to consider the shape of your face and the shape of the frame that compliments it.

OVAL is the luckiest shape because it has the most balanced proportions. The chin is a
little narrower compared to the forehead and the cheekbones are high enough. Choose a frame
that can cover the space between the top and bottom of your nose. The aim is to visually balance
the length of the face. Avoid frames that are too small for your face for it can make a vision
that your face longer than it is. Though most frame shapes compliments the oval face shape,
geometric frame shapes and frames with gently rounded edges are best because they add angles to
the soft curves of the face.

For a ROUND FACE, wide frames (or equal to the broadest part of the face) work best.
The aim is to visually elongate the face and make it appear thinner. A round face has only a few
angles because of the full cheeks and a rounded chin so round frames should be avoided for they
only make the face appear rounder. Rectangular (boxy) frames and other angular or geometrical
frames are recommended for they insert lines and enhance angularity of the face.

A SQUARED FACE consists of a broad forehead, wide cheekbones and a very strong
jaw line. Classic oval frames and butterfly-shaped frames are best for they soften the sharp angles
of the temples and jaw line. Cat-eye frames are also very trendy and work well for round faces.

A HEART-SHAPED FACE (inverted pear-shape) consists of a broad forehead, wide
cheekbones and a narrow chin or jaw line. Pear-shaped (bottom-heavy) frames, narrow frames
and rimless round frames work best with a heart-shaped face for they balance out the broadness
of the forehead to the narrow chin and jaw line.

For an OBLONG FACE, frames that add width to the face are best. While round frames
and square frames work well with an oblong face, frames with accented upper rim, tall or vertical
lines and short horizontal lines compliments it best because they make the face appear shorter and
add width to the temples.

Classic round and oval frames look great on DIAMOND FACE. They soften the contour
of the face, balancing the wideness of the high cheekbones with the narrow eye line and jaw line,
and the small forehead and chin. Square frames with slightly curved edges work well with an
oblong face too, as long as they are not any wider than the top of the cheekbones. Cat-eye frames,
rimless styles and other upswept styles accentuate the dramatic cheekbones.

While there are no tight rules in picking what sunglasses you should wear, knowing what
compliments you best is the essence of knowing the accents and shape of your face. Remember,
the right shape of frame is always in contrast of the shape of your face. Shopping for sunglasses
is not just about the style, the brand or who made it, you should also consider its durability and
the protection it gives to your eyes.